The dogs are walked in group walks, with exclusive access to 'Woofing Woods'. The woods are just to ourselves during our times, so there's no hazards or risks. Just 100% fun!

Walks are an hour long, this does not include the travel time to and from the walk.

Your dog will be walked in the safe area where they can be off lead (with your permission), photos and videos are often posted onto the Facebook page, so you can keep upto date seeing where your dog has been and how much fun we've had.

The dogs are transported safely in the van, where they are crated with clean bedding, ventilated and fresh towels. In addition we use cool mats during the warmer months to make sure all the dogs are safe and comfortably transported.

You can rest assured that you will have a sleepy pooch after a walk with A Bit Of Woof!

Walks are Monday - Friday

One Dog £13
Two Dogs £24


Our Daycare runs slightly different to others, when booking the daycare service this means your dog(s) is with us all day.

We Pick up your dog at the start of the day and drop them back home when we are finished. Meaning three walks in one day. So you can have one less worry when you're at work, knowing your dog is having the BEST day!

One dog £26

Two dogs £50



We have exclusive access to use Woofing Woods to do our group walks.

The 4.5 Acre Woodland is secured with a 6ft surround stock fence.

The woods are available to hire, to find out more and book them self just click the button below.