A Bit Of Woof now has a private woodland that we are opening up to share with you too.

Woofing woods is 4.5Acres, it has a 4ft boundary wall surrounding the woods and a 6ft secure penned area inside which is free to use in your booked time.

Woofing Woods is a perfect space to enjoy time with your dog, whether they are nervous, scared of cyclist/joggers etc. Its just total peace of mind, just knowing you have that time frame all to yourselves.

*Please make sure you read our T&Cs page prior to booking, booking at payment is our confirmation your have read and agreed to these terms.


How does it work?

- Just simply read the T&Cs and book online. Payment is taken at time of booking so all contactless.

Can I Book for me and friends to walk our dogs?

- Yes you can, aslong as sticking to the current Government guidelines for our area. When booking, you need to book your time frame for 1-3 households. If you book for yourself then a friend wants to join you will need to get intouch so i can change the booking and arrange payment for the extra cost.

How long if there in between appointments?

- Where possible there is 10 minute gap to reduce crossovers. I do ask you get loaded up ready to go in the last five minutes of your time frame. If you are early please be mindful of someone there before so wait in your vehicle.



Mobile: 07729633118

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